Walker Top Fire Lookout Tower

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Walker Top Fire Tower
Walker Top 2017
Tower Attributes
Year Built 1951
Year Removed N/A
Height 99' 9"
County Burke
Elevation 2,940 Feet
Latitude 35.611617
Longitude -81.680367
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Walker Top Fire Lookout Tower is a National Historic Lookout Register listed woodland fire lookout tower at South Mountains State Park, Burkemont Road, Morganton, North Carolina.

The tower is erected atop the 2,940' elevation of Walker Top Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina.[1] The tower was originally constructed near Carthage and was later moved to its current location (35.611617, -81.680367) near Morganton, North Carolina.[1]


Accessing the Tower

This tower is accessible via gated residential gravel drive.


No parking is available, but the gravel road has sufficient width that a small car may pull aside.

Hike Description

The hike to this tower is a very short gravel drive with a couple of residential homes.

Structure Condition

The tower is in very good condition, though access to the cabin was restricted by padlock, so the condition of the 7x7 cab is not known.


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