South Mountains Chestnut Knob and High Shoal Falls

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This itinerary covers two of South Mountains State Parks destinations, Chestnut Knob, and High Shoal Falls.

Accessing the Trail

The trailhead is accessed from the Jacob Fork Parking Area; Jacob Fork Parking Area is at the dead-end of S Mountain Park, the road used to enter the park near the visitor center.

Hike Description

From the Parking Area, head west on Shinny Creek (pronounced Shiny Creek for the shiny mica flakes lining the creek bottom) about a quarter mile. Just past the picnic area restrooms, look for the Chestnut Knob Trail. Chestnut Trail ascends to Chestnut Knob overlook at 2,291 feet. At about half a mile up Chestnut Knob Trail, a spur trail gives a nice view of the Jack Fork River Gorge. From the junction of the spur trail, about a mile farther the trail junctions with Sawtooth Trail, but keep left (South) to access Chestnut Knob. The overlook is approximately a quarter mile south of the Sawtooth Trail junction.