Mount Cammerer Lookout

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Mount Cammerer Lookout
Undated Photo - Creative Commons,[1]
Tower Attributes
Year Built 1939
Year Removed N/A
Height 20'
County Haywood (NC)

Cocke (TN)

Elevation 4,928 Feet
Latitude 35.76333
Longitude -83.16138
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Mount Cammerer Lookout is a woodland fire lookout located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Mount Cammerer (aka White Rock or Sharp Top [1]). The mountain is in both Haywood County, North Carolina and Cocke County, Tennessee and named for Arno Cammerer, the director of the National Park Services in the 1930s [2].


Accessing the Tower

From Asheville, NC take I-40 West exiting at the last exit in NC just prior to crossing in to Tennessee. Turn left at the end of the exit and another left after going under the underpass. After crossing the bridge, look for Waterville Road on the left and turn onto this road. Follow Waterville Road for several miles to a stop sign. Go straight through the stop sign. The road will be a gravel road with some rutting depending on the prior rains. Within about 0.5 miles there will be a parking area on your right at the ranger station. The Chestnut Creek Trail will begin just up the road from the parking area.


Parking is available at the ranger station or the horse trailer parking area just up the road.

Hike Description

Hiking to the tower from the ranger station is straight up the Chestnut Branch Trail found near the Ranger Station parking area. Follow this trail for 2 miles until it intersects with the Appalachian Trail (AT). Turn left going South on the AT. After 3.3 miles you will reach the Mount Crammerer Trail. Turn left and take this trail for 0.7 miles to reach the tower. You will have to navigate a few places near the tower with large rocks/boulders. You are allowed to go inside and look around this tower where you will be rewarded by some of the best views in the park. Upon leaving the tower, you can retrace this hike, making it an in & out hike or choose other routes.

Structure Condition

The tower has undergone some restoration. All window panes appear intact. The walk around the cabin have a few banisters missing from the hand railing. The exterior door to the walkway is intact and able to close securely. The stonework on the first floor exterior appear in good condition. Thru hikers on the AT are known to enter and relax, perhaps even spending time for lunch or use it as an overnight shelter.

Historical Photo

Cammererpostcard.jpg 'Undated postcard - Ron Kemnow Collection [1]


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