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The Hikers of Iredell Club is a membership organization with annual dues.



In pursuit of providing a safe means to enjoy nature while improving one's physical fitness, the club incurs costs such as website and meetup.

Pricing Structure

The charges for memberships are as follows:

Class Join Renew Notes/comments
One Year Membership $24.00   $10.00   Guest participation is stringently encouraged.
Lifetime Membership * $250.00   - Guest participation is required before joining.

* Lifetime memberships require approval from the club membership committee and/or a member referral.


  • An invitation to participate in all organized hikes. We offer over 20 hikes each year!
  • Discounts on club apparel.
  • Voting privileges at meetings.
  • An invitation to participate in club socials (picnic, after hike lunches, dinners, etc).
  • Reduced cost of travel through carpooling (cost-sharing)
  • Most importantly, you’ll be supporting an organization that actively promotes environmental awareness, outdoor recreation for fun and fitness, and community engagement.


  • Participants assume all risks.
  • Amounts paid to the treasury are non-refundable.


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