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The Hikers of Iredell visited the big ditch today with seven members. We started from Spence Ridge Parking, following Spence Ridge to the Linville River. Utilizing the log bridges, we picked up Linville Gorge Trail heading south a few paces to catch a view of Cathedral Falls. We proceeded south on the LGT to check on the trail conditions and we noted quite a few fallen trees. We hiked about half a mile down and turned around to head back to Spence Ridge. It was here, Ric, performed his world renowned backward somersault, impressing all who were fortunate enough to witness it. The trail is quite narrow in spots and this set up conditions irresistible to our attention crazed gymnast.

After a quick lunch on the rocks, we headed back up Spence Ridge to Little Table Rock Trail, continuing on to Table Rock Trail. After taking in the views from the pinnacle of Table Rock, we headed North on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail back to Spence Ridge Parking. We counted roughly 7.25 miles for the trip. Below, I posted a few scenic images from the event.

Cathedral Falls
Trail Name

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Nearest City Jonas Ridge
State North Carolina
Trail Marking
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 5 hrs 15 mins
Driving Time

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Total Time

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Trail Attributes
Total Distance 7.25 Miles
Elevation Gain 2,500 Feet
Difficulty Index 19.750
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 3,970 Feet
Low Point 2,060 Feet
Elevation Range 1,910 Feet
Latitude 35.90360
Longitude -81.87889
Nearest Medical Unknown
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Hike #???  2013 January 5

Previous hike Current Hike Next hike
Lake Norman Linville Gorge Morrow Mountain


Leg Type Direction Miles Time Cum Miles Cum Time
Spence Ridge Treking West 1.5 0:32:20 1.50 0:32:20
Lunch Break 0:11:35 1.50 0:43:55
Linville Gorge Trail Treking South 0.55 0:16:35 2.05 1:00:30
Linville Gorge Trail Treking North 0.55 0:24:50 2.60 1:25:20
Break Break 0:11:37 2.60 1:36:57
Spence Ridge Treking East 1.0 0:33:16 3.60 2:10:13
Break Break 0:03:06 3.60 2:13:19
Little Table Rock Trail Treking South 1.2 1:02:49 4.80 3:16:08
Break Break 0:17:49 4.80 3:33:57
Table Rock Trail Treking North 0.45 0:26:19 5.25 4:00:16
Break Break 0:10:58 5.25 4:11:14
Table Rock Trail Treking South 0.45 0:15:55 5.70 4:27:09
Mountains-to-Sea Trail Treking North 0.85 0:28:57 6.55 4:56:06
Regroup Break 0:07:26 6.55 5:03:32
Mountains-to-Sea Trail Treking North 0.45 0:10:36 7.00 5:14:08

Drive Data

77.7 to dirt road
78.7 to Sitting
79.2 to Hawks
80.2 to Spence

Track Data

File:Spenceridge-littletable.gpx GPS Track Data

Picture Gallery

Houserockpost.jpg House Rock from the Bridge
Westrimpost.jpg Western Rim of the Gorge from Table Rock
Tablerockviewpost.jpg Another View from Table Rock


??F - ??F, slight breeze on table rock's summit, but gorgeous day


start at 7:30 AM
trailhead at 9:25 AM
finish at 2:40 PM
end at 4:20 PM


start 3,000'
Low 2,060'
High 3,970'


7 members

Status Name Referrer
Member Ric
Member Peter
Member Mitzie
Member Karen Jolene[Under review]
Member Kevin
Member Jenny
Member Sarah


Cathedral Falls is a waterfall in Linville Gorge just south of Spence Ridge. It is visible about 0.2 miles south of Spence Ridge along the Linville Gorge Trail. The waterfall feeds the Linville River from the east.


Cath.jpg Cath2.jpg Cath3.jpg
Cathedral Falls Cathedral Falls Cathedral Falls