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Lake Shore Trail is trail in Lake Norman State Park. It features views of Lake Norman.

Land Bridge from Southern Island
Trail Name Lake Shore
Nearest City Troutman
State North Carolina
Trail Marking White
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 2 hrs 57 mins
Driving Time 0 hrs 00 mins
Total Time 2 hrs 57 mins
Trail Attributes
Total Distance 7.64 Miles
Elevation Gain 1772 Feet
Difficulty Index 16.500
Difficulty Rating Moderate
High Point 870 Feet
Low Point 745 Feet
Elevation Range 125 Feet
Latitude 35.715
Longitude -82.27389
Nearest Medical Statesville, NC
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Hike Report

We had a nice little surprise this morning; as we were starting, another couple were bringing their morning to a rightful conclusion. Matt and Melissa were out and about with their dog which is now 14 years old, and still vibrant. No sign of Madison though. After a few pleasant exchanges, we began our hike at 9:34.

We hiked clockwise the Northern Loop, with the spur to the picnic area with some exploration of the group camping area and its shoreline. We continued clockwise to the halfway connector, hiking to near the parking lot. At this point, about 11:30, we lost Jim and Amy.

Sarah and I continued on, transitioning to counter-clockwise for the Southern Loop. Here, we were treated to access to the Southern Island via a land bridge that was about 0.75" deep. I hopped it quickly to avoid getting my feet wet. Sarah took a more measured pace through and said her feet still didn't get wet.

After exploring the remote island, we returned to the Southern Loop and were treated to a large group of slower hikers, that haven't yet learned the art of the trail play through. After pushing all of them down, we preceded to Cove Overlook, where we got muggled by a different group of slower hikers that shortcut the overlook whilst we took in the views.

A couple of minutes later, the slower hikers take the connector trail we intend to finish up on. About half way on the connector trail, along the power line right of way, we saw an opportunity to continue our natural pace by following this unofficial path to the parking lot, arriving at 12:29.

It was a great day for a hike, mostly sunny with temperatures moving from the low 50s (a tad brisk) to upper 50s at the conclusion. A little cool, but perfect once you get the heart rate up.

It should be noted, this weekend was Lake Norman State Park's centennial celebration, celebrating 100 years of the park service. Alas, I have no first hand knowledge of anyone attending the event, so nothing further to report there.



Meetup Information

Meet at the Trailhead at 9:30 AM

Hike Overview

Short hike in nearby Troutman, NC. This hike is in Lake Norman State Park.

Route Description

Lake Shore Trail is white-blazed. At the southern tip of the trail, the trail is obscured fisherman scrambles. There are also blazes in this area, for trail not listed on the park maps. This trail is connected with the family camping area nearby.

The hike can commence in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. It is up to the leader's discretion. It can also be hiked in a figure 8 fashion that adds about a mile to the overall distance. The spur trail out to the group camping area is typicaly an area for the hiking group to have a snack and check out those setting up tables for picnicing, playing volleyball or camping for the weekend.

Misc. Information

No other information available.