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Hike the Appalachian Trail from Yellow Mountain Gap over Little Hump Mountain down to Bradley Gap to summit of Big Hump Mountain and return. Explore the Overmountain Shelter featured in the movie Winter People.

The hike for tomorrow has been canceled due to weather.
Prominence of Big Hump Mountain
as seen from Bradley Gap
Trail Name Appalachian Trail
Nearest City Elk Park, NC
State North Carolina
Trail Marking Blue, White
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpgUse dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 5 hrs 00 mins
Driving Time 4 hr 45 mins
Total Time 9 hrs 45 mins
Trail Attributes
Total Distance ~9.50 Miles
Elevation Gain 2,592 Feet
Difficulty Index 22.460
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 5,580 Feet
Low Point 4,190 Feet
Elevation Range 1,390 Feet
Latitude N36.11692
Longitude W82.04890
Nearest Medical
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Preceded by Current hike Succeeded by
Mount Mitchell Hump Mountain Le Conte or Rough Ridge


Meetup Information

Meet at Newtowne Shopping Center, 9/12/2015, 7:00 AM
Expect to share cost of gas with drivers, roughly 7 or 8 dollars per passenger assuming vehicle has driver and three passengers. This is solely to help offset cost to drivers for not only gas, but hidden costs such as tire wear, oil changes, car washes (especially if drive traverses dirt roads), etc. The club would rather have drivers over-compensated than under-compensated to encourage them to continue offering their services.



The high elevation of this hike means the experience hiker will be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Even in the heat of summer, conditions can be significantly cooler than your area of origination.

Direct Sun Exposure

This hike includes a significant amount of balds hiking. Hikers can expect more than two hours of direct sunlight exposure on this hike. Sunscreen use is well advised here.

Clothing and Gear

Trail conditions are fair, but grasses on the balds can mean wet shoes, and therefore, wet socks. The prepared hiker brings a change of socks and shoes for the return trip.

Electrical Storm Watch

If weather forecasts predict electrical storm activity, due to the significant exposure, risk to hikers is high and the club will err on the side of caution; the event may be postponed to a later date.


This is a strenuous hike. New hikers are asked to participate in vetting hikes prior to participation in strenuous events. In order to meet the expected timeline, hikers will need to maintain at minimum a 35 minutes/mile pace. Our regular members hike relatively difficult hikes every two weeks and are well-conditioned for the trail. We do not race to destinations, but to the uninitiated, our pace can seem difficult to maintain. Some hikers like to hike a quicker pace, but we try to find a happy medium to keep both groups happy.

Hike Leader(s)


Drive Information

Though we arrive fairly early, parking in Yellow Mountain Gap is somewhat limited. If possible, carpool. Those wishing to meet us at the trailhead, please contact trail leaders 24 hours prior to departure.

From I-40 Take Hwy 181 North through Morganton
  • Caravan will regroup at McDonald's in Morganton at Exit 105
Hwy 181N left onto Hwy 221 32.1 miles
Hwy 221S right onto Hwy 194 1.5 miles
Hwy 194N left onto Spanish Oak Rd 2.5 miles
  • will pass Oak Grove Baptist Church on left
  • enter middle turning lane
Spanish Oak Rd left onto 19E 6.3 miles
  • road changes names Cow Camp, Squirrel Creek
Hwy 19E right onto unsigned Roaring Creek Rd 1.6 miles
  • will see historic Yellow Mountain Gap sign
  • sign will be in the distance, do not pass, turn right
Roaring Creek Rd 4.6 miles to parking area
  • becomes gravel at 3.5 miles