Grandfather Mountain/Hike Reports/Swinging Bridge/2015-06-13

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This is a closed event. Check with club members for meetup details.

Swinging Bridge
Trail Name Swinging Bridge
Nearest City Blowing Rock
State North Carolina
Trail Marking Unknown
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpgUse dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 9:25
Driving Time 3:45*
Total Time 13:10
Trail Attributes
Total Distance 12.00 Miles
Elevation Gain 3,772 Feet
Difficulty Index 33.975
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 5,971 Feet
Low Point 3,902 Feet
Elevation Range 1,069 Feet
Latitude N36.12016
Longitude W81.78124
Nearest Medical Boone, NC
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Preceded by Current hike Succeeded by
Rock Jock Swinging Bridge Roan Mountain


Event Details

This hike is a training event for one of our section hikers. Members that chose to participant will need to keep up with the leaders brisk pace.


  • Tanawha Trail
  • Nuwati Trail
  • Cragway Trail
  • Daniel Boone Scout Trail
  • Grandfather Trail
  • Underwood Trail
  • Grandfather Trail
  • Daniel Boone Scout Trail
  • Tanawha Trail


I checked, and double checked the timeline. We are very likely to return after 7:00 PM. I put 12:00 hours, but we missed on that timeline last year. A good deal of information about the hike was reported here:

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