Doughton Park/Hike Reports/Basin Creek Trail/2012-07-14

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Due to heavy rain in the area, the group elected to turn around, ending the hike early because the water was too high to cross approximately 2.5 miles into the hike.

Caudill Cabin in Doughton Park
Trail Name

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Nearest City Traphill
State North Carolina
Trail Marking N/A
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 4 hrs 16 mins
Driving Time

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Total Time

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Trail Attributes
Total Distance 10.25 Miles
Elevation Gain 1,750 Feet
Difficulty Index 19.000
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 2,780 Feet
Low Point 1,400 Feet
Elevation Range 1,380 Feet
Latitude 36.39058
Longitude -81.16172
Nearest Medical Sparta, NC
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Expected Timeline

Leg Type Direction Miles Time Cum Miles
To Longbottom Parking Drive N/A - 1:31:00 -
Basin Creek TH Treking North 1.6 - 1.60
Flooding Treking North 0.9 - 2.5
Basin Creek Trail Treking South 0.9 - 3.40
Grassy Gap Treking South 1.6 - 5.00
To JRs Drive N/A - 1:14:00 -

Doughton Park/Hike Reports/Basin Creek Trail