Cumberland Knob/Hike Reports/Gully Creek/2014-01-04

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Hike was nearly cancelled due to reports of severe weather in the area. Extreme cold conditions and snow was reported in the area. An alternative was proposed to hike Morrow Mountain State Park, but the members elected to proceed to Gully Creek.

Conditions at the park were cold as usual, but definitely not as cold as expected. In relative terms, it was a warm visit to Cumberland Knob. Oddly enough, the parkway was completely free of snow and ice, the first time we saw this since November of 2008, the club's first visit to the park.

Hike Summary

Leg Type Time
Hike 2:20
Drive 2:40
Total Time 5:00

Hike Timetable

Leg Type Time
Start 8:00 AM
Drive 9:20 AM
Treking 11:40 AM
Drive 1:00 PM