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This hike is a short loop trail near Cumberland Knob in Alleghany Co, but don't let the distance fool you. This trail descends 800 feet into a revene and ends with a strenuous climb out. Hikers are advised to not over-estimate their abilities. In January, the trail conditions can be hazardous due to ice and snow and the air can be blistering cold with frequent gusting wind conditions, so bundle warmly for this beautiful hike.

Cumberland Knob R.jpg
Sign at Gully Creek Meadow
Trail Name

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Nearest City Galax, VA
State North Carolina
Trail Marking N/A
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 2 hrs 20 mins
Driving Time

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Total Time

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Trail Attributes
Total Distance 3.75 Miles
Elevation Gain 1,200 Feet
Difficulty Index 9.75
Difficulty Rating Moderate
High Point 2,900 Feet
Low Point 2,020 Feet
Elevation Range 880 Feet
Latitude 36.55329
Longitude -80.90897
Nearest Medical Unknown
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Hike Leader


The resident Gully Creek expert, Rich has been hiking this trail both with the club and with friends and family since 2008. He brings a wealth of trail knowledge to this hike and he is one heck of a conversationalist.

Trail Notes

As there are several creek crossings along this trail, bring trekking/hiking poles or a walking stick if you have them. Snow and/or icicles are not unheard of on this hike. Chapstick would also be advisable. Although the weather may be "very brisk" you will still need plenty of water.


Roads.jpg Gully.jpg
Roads near Cumberland Knob Contour Map
Cumberland Knob.JPG Gully Creek.JPG Gcwalk.JPG