Croft State Park

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A State Park located in Spartanburg County of South Carolina. A small park entrance fee is required, check park website for current rates.


Getting There

From SC 295 (Southport Rd), signs will take you to the park entrance. Fair warning, Apple Maps using TomTom data will route to the park's tower maintence entrance that is gated.

We used the directions provided here to approach:

Past Events

February 13, 2016

Hike Description

Explore trail system. Hike was changed from Eno River State Park to Croft due forecast calling for freezing temperatures making a stream crossing at Eno difficult.


Hike is rated moderate to light-strenuous, covering 10 miles and 1,250 feet total ascent.


7:00 AM sharp at Newtowne Shopping Center

Expect to share cost of gas with drivers, roughly 5 or 6 dollars per passenger assuming vehicle has driver and three passengers. This is solely to help offset cost to drivers for not only gas, but hidden costs such as tire wear, oil changes, car washes (especially if drive traverses dirt roads), etc. The club would rather have drivers over-compensated than under-compensated to encourage them to continue offering their services.

Post Hike Report

Start at the Visitor Center, hiking counter-clockwise on Fosters Mill, right onto Rocky Ridge counter-clockwise to include the in-and-out side spur trail of Whitestone Spring back to Rocky Ridge, resume Fosters Mill, to Lake Craig connector, and finish with a short trail to the visitor center. Near the end, the trail crosses the bottom of Lake Craig giving a good view of the lake, the spillway and a run-off creek.

The Whitestone Spring spur trail culminates at an Artesian well that is across a small creek bed. While there is reportedly the foundation of an old hotel that was built in the early 1900s (circa 1901) the only foundation found was near the well and was apparently a bottling plant from the 1920s.

The hike also included a close-up view of a television broadcast tower standing 990 feet above the surrounding terrain. The park is horse friendly and most trails hiked were also horse trails. Given the time of year for this hike, the horse refuse on the trail was minimal. In fact, we encountered only two horses and riders during the hike. There is a "show" rink in the park, so be sure to check for any equestrian activities at the park before planning a hike

The park does have trails that are designated for hikers only but these were not included in this itinerary.

The club departed at 7:05 AM, but pause to top off fuel. Arrived at park at 9:10, and beginning the trek at 9:30. Hike finished just before 1:40 PM, hiking a bit over 4 hours. First car returned to Statesville at 3:41 PM.

Multiple GPS devices returned confirming metrics, 9.77 miles, 1,244 total ascent, 1,246 total descent, 3:19 moving, 0:49 stopped, 2.9 mph pace, or 2.4 mph with stops. Difficulty rating 15.99, could be considered the upper-end of moderate range, though some new hikers may find the distance difficult.