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Vista from Craggy Gardens
Credits: Jeepandme
Trail Name Carter Creek Falls et al
Nearest City Asheville
State North Carolina
Trail Marking Unknown
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 5:00
Driving Time 3:59
Total Time 8:59
Trail Attributes
Total Distance 8.50 Miles
Elevation Gain 2,766 Feet
Difficulty Index 22.500
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 5,636 Feet
Low Point 4,302 Feet
Elevation Range 1,334 Feet
Latitude 35.699894
Longitude -82.390919
Nearest Medical Asheville, NC
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Preceded by Current hike Succeeded by
Mount Rogers Douglas Falls Mount Mitchell

This is a new hike to the club, so much of the information about this hike is estimated based on information we are able to gather from our members and online resources. The hike leaders will have the final say regarding itinerary selection.


Hike Description

There are many ways to hike this area, and in the interest of accommodating the most people, we will begin the hike from Graybeard Mountain Parking Overlook
on the Blue Ridge Parkway, milepost 363.4.

From the parking area, we will cross over the Blue Ridge Parkway, and trek approximately one mile hike to the junction of Douglas Falls Trail (Carter Creek Falls Trail). From the Douglas Falls Trailhead, we trek an additional three miles descending significantly at first, then taking a more modest grade, and ending with another fairly steep descent to reach Douglas Falls.

To return, we use the same trail in the opposite order, beginning with a very steep ascent to climb atop the falls. The ascent continues at a modest grade to the cascades, and then begin to steepen as we make the final 800 foot ascent to the junction with the Mountain-to-Sea Trail. The speedier hikers will throttle their ascent to ensure all hikers don't over exert themselves climbing out.

Park maps may be dated or incorrect.

New to the Club?

Because we descend first, this hike should not be used as your first hike with the club.
Relax and get acquainted with the group on an easier hike; an easier hike is in the planning stages possibly for an August 22nd hike, check the main website for details soon.

Meetup Information

Meet at Newtowne Shopping Center, 8/15/2015, 7:00 AM
Expect to share cost of gas with drivers, roughly 7 or 8 dollars per passenger assuming vehicle has driver and three passengers. This is solely to help offset cost to drivers for not only gas, but hidden costs such as tire wear, oil changes, car washes (especially if drive traverses dirt roads), etc. The club would rather have drivers over-compensated than under-compensated to encourage them to continue offering their services.

Driving Directions

We encourage members to join us at the standard meetup location, see Meetup Information. For those wishing to meet us at the trailhead, please contact us twenty hours prior to departure so that we know to contact you regarding any last minute changes.

Weather Update

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Hike Leader(s)



This hike will explore at least one waterfall and a cascade. Flow is dependent on seasonal rain patterns so we don't know the current fall conditions but are hopeful for significant flows.


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