Basin Creek Trail (Doughton Park)

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Caudill Cabin in Doughton Park
Trail Name Basin Creek
Nearest City Traphill
State North Carolina
Trail Marking N/A
Trail Use/Features Use hiking.jpg Use dogging.jpg
Time expectations
Hiking Time 7 hrs 26 mins
Driving Time 2 hrs 34 mins
Total Time 10 hrs 00 mins
Trail Attributes
Total Distance 12.58 Miles
Elevation Gain 3,141 Feet
Difficulty Index 28.285
Difficulty Rating Strenuous
High Point 3,610 Feet
Low Point 1,430 Feet
Elevation Range 2,180 Feet
Latitude 36.39058
Longitude -81.16172
Nearest Medical Sparta, NC
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This trail features 19 stream crossings on the way to the cabin. Watch weather reports for rainfall in the period 24 hours prior to the hike start. Even moderate rainfalls can eventually add up to creek levels that are difficult to traverse.

This is a true hidden gem that few venture; the backcountry's proximity to Stone Mountain State Park means this park gets relatively limited amounts of hiking traffic.

This hike is strenuous and the creek crossings are boulder hops, slips and falls are quite common so you need your balance A-game, but those that take up the challenge are amply rewarded.

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