Air Bellows Lookout Tower

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Air Bellows Lookout Tower
Air Bellows Lookout Tower
Tower Attributes
Year Built 1970[1]
Year Removed N/A
Height 59 1/4'[1]
County Alleghany[1]
Elevation 3,850 Feet
Latitude 36.42805
Longitude -81.12416
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Air Bellows Lookout Tower, built in 1970, was partially dismantled in 2008, when the cabin was removed.

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Accessing the Tower

From Roaring Gap, take the Blue Ridge Parkway south to Air Bellows Gap Rd, a gravel road crossing the parkway.

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More information is needed. The only information the club has about hikes are nearby hikes including Mountains to Sea Trail, Cedar Ridge Trail, and others. Parcel ownership is unknown.

Structure Condition

The cabin of this structure was removed in 2008 shortly after the article image was taken from Air Bellow Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

View from the Tower

Historical Photo


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