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Title: Senioritis
Post by: JBC on September 06, 2015, 04:24:41 PM
Members of the Hikers of Iredell Club who cannot sustain the daunting pace of the fastest hikers, those fastest hikers being referred to as team “Fast & Furious” (FF), are being referred to as team "Senioritis". Please change team "Senioritis", wherever it is used, to team “Smell the Roses” (SR). The term "Senioritis" has offended several members because it implies laziness and lack of ambition. Such members certainty do not lack the ambition, the desire, or the will to hike a difficult hike. Those members have proven that on several occasions, where they have persevered when others thought they would falter. And no one can infer laziness of anybody who gets off the couch and completes even the easy trails. The only attribute the SRs lack is the speed of the FFs, which certainly does not translate to unambitious or lazy, but rather cautious and vigilant.